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About CTO

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), with headquarters in Barbados and offices in New York and London, is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency comprising membership of over 30 countries and territories including Dutch, English, French and Spanish, as well as a myriad of private sector allied members.

The primary objective of the Caribbean Tourism Organization is to provide to and through its members the services and information necessary for the development of sustainable tourism for the economic and social benefit of the Caribbean people

The CTO’s vision is to position the Caribbean as the most desirable, year round, warm weather destination by 2017 and our purpose is Leading Sustainable Tourism – One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean.

Countries pay membership dues and contribute to a Regional Marketing Fund (RMF). The dues and the RMF payments are based on a tourism arrivals formula, thus ensuring an equitable distribution of the financial obligation across the 30+ member-countries. Extra-Regional funding agencies support projects and services CTO’s income-generating activities.

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What does bliss sound like? Is it a symphony of birdsong? Perhaps it’s laughter and conversation mixed around a dinner table. On Saint Lucia, whether you’re at a vibrant all-inclusive resort or an intimate boutique hotel, the lilting sound of happiness follows you no matter where you are. From the bustle of the street market in Castries to the gentle rustle of palm fronds on our pristine beaches, here you are free to escape the everyday. Let the song of our countless hummingbirds guide you through your island discovery. Here, the rhythmic sounds of jazz and calypso at Carnival will help drown out the noise of the world you left behind.

You’ve seen this magical island before perhaps. In your dreams, you often visit a place like this — an island with cotton-candy sunrises, piercingly blue waters and a verdant canopy. When you open your eyes on Saint Lucia, it’s as if your dream never ended.